SimStay Logo


The logo was designed to reflect the playfulness of a game, using rounded font that is a light blue. Because the game is meant to be played on a mobile device, the hospital silhouette is comprised of different sized app icons that make up the windows and each level of the building.

The “H” at the top of the hospital is the sign that is often used on street signs when a hospital is near. This is the same font used for “SimStay,” as opposed to the traditional font used on street signs. Once again, this is because of the playful nature of the game.

The use of white and blue is also a reference to Facebook, recognizing the power and identification of a social network. Since an underlying theme of SimStay is creating patient engagement and interaction, it is important to recognize that one of the main components of the game is through the use of online networking.


Friendly characters (hospital staff) will be created based on the participating hospital’s uniform requirements and their specific titles. This is an aspect of the game that will be audited during initial setup to ensure that the game matches exactly the titles used within the facility. For example, if a nursing aide is referred to as a nursing assistant, this will be adjusted for the game. In most hospitals different departments can be identified based on the color of their scrubs. This would be incorporated into the video game to once again provide a visual connection for the patient. A key element to SimStay is to match what a patient will encounter in the virtual hospital with what they would encounter while walking throughout the hospital.

Player avatars would be based on pre-designed avatars that could either be used as they were designed, or would allow for some modification. Features such as hair color, skin tone, gender would be customizable for the player to create a unique avatar.

Game Environment

The game world will be created to mimic the hospital where the patient is admitted. The layout of the game environment will be based on the layout of the hospital so the player would navigate to areas using the same paths that would be necessary to get from one place to another in the actual hospital.

The branding of the hospital would be found throughout the environment. All of the menus and desks would include the logo of the hospital, along with branding guidelines of the facility. For example, if there were service line logos used within the hospital, they would also be used in the virtual environment. This would hopefully create a way for the player to be able to make connections based on what they encounter in the virtual world and the physical environment.

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