Casual Gameplay

Because of the noted benefits of casual gameplay on health outcomes, there will be a casual game area within SimStay. This will include mini-games that a player may navigate that provides access to various games. Ideally this will include games that are appealing to different players and serve different purposes.

Easy Games

Easy games will be those that require minimal strategy or skill development. These will be games similar to Angry Birds or Candy Crush. While they are games that have rewards and points as the player gets better, they do not require advanced game experience to enjoy. The sole purpose of these games will be for player enjoyment with very little stress due to difficulty of game play.

Strategy Games

These games will require more thought from the player and may have elements that require refinement and development of game strategy. These will not be exceptionally difficult games, but will have increased rewards for players based on their ability to develop strategic solutions. This will provide players the opportunity to challenge themselves within the game. Examples would be games such as FarmVille or Clash of Clans.

Hard Games

There will also be skill games that may resonate with older players, such as crossword puzzles or sudoku. These games will require more education or traditional knowledge, such as an expanded vocabulary or mathematical ability.

Health Education Games

Health education games will be available that will be developed with patient education in mind. These will be games that are in an easily recognizable format, but feature content specific to health topics and hospital information. They would likely incorporate health related terms and medical conditions. For example a crossword puzzle that features health vocabulary and medical definitions.

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