Hospital Resources and Information

Information About the Facility

Patients are encouraged to explore the hospital they are in, and also learn more about the level of care provided and the hospital staff. Within SimStay there will be hospital information that includes:

Hospital History

The hospital’s history will provide background information about the hospital, such as when the hospital was opened and any expansions. This will also include information about network partnerships or positions within a larger health system.

Hospital Leadership

Executive biographies will be provided and accessible within SimStay. As hospitals begin to focus more on patient rounding in an effort to improve HCAHPS scores, many executive have started daily patient rounding. In most cases this will involve the executives visiting patients during their stay to ask questions about their stay and solicit feedback that will improve their experience. The access to these biographies will provide patients an opportunity to familiarize themselves with these executives in an effort to improve a patient’s level of comfort with the executives. This will hopefully allow for an expanded opportunity for communication.

Physician Information

Most hospitals offer physician profiles on their websites, and are categorized by specialties. If the hospital offers online appointment scheduling, this will be accessible through SimStay. Similar to the executive bios, this feature will also include biographies of the physicians, including education, internships, residency, and fellowships. If available, the profiles will also include professional headshots of the physicians and include links to any published research authored by the physician. It will also include office contact information and directions.

Awards and Accreditations

In conjunction with the history of the hospital, this section will provide a list of awards and accreditations of the hospital. This will include safety ratings such as LeapFrog surveys and Joint Commission accreditations. This will be an opportunity for the hospital to highlight their achievements.

Phone directory

The phone directory will provide contact information to various departments, such as guest services, or patient advocates. This will also include phone numbers for complaints and contact information for the facility privacy officer. It will also include the contact numbers for department directors.

Family and Visitor Information

This section will include information for family and visitors, such as visiting hours and phone numbers. If there are resources provided by the hospital, such as local hotel accommodations or nearby restaurants, this will also be provided.

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