Discharge Information

Discharge information can be one of the most important aspects of healthcare for hospital inpatients. It explains the patients discharge care plans, and explains what a patient should expect after their treatment and any treatment adherence guidelines that should be followed. The HCAHPS questions that this project aims to improve include:

  • During this hospital stay, did doctors, nurses or other hospital staff talk with you about whether you would have the help you needed when you left the hospital?
  • During this hospital stay, did you get information in writing about what symptoms or health problems to look out for after you left the hospital?
  • When I left the hospital, I had a good understanding of things I was responsible for in managing my health.
  • When I left the hospital, I clearly understood the purpose for taking each of my medications.

There will be a feature built into the game environment that connects patients and their family members with any post-discharge care resources, including long-term rehab care facilities, durable medical equipment sources, and skilled nursing facilities. It will also include digital discharge instructions that can be sent to the patient and their family, along with any links to electronic health records or patient portals. These will be available to the patient while they are still in the hospital so they will be able to prepare for discharge. By providing access to these resources, patients will hopefully feel better prepared for their discharge and have the opportunity to talk with their doctors or nurses to ask questions before they are  discharged.

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